As part of our culture of encouraging innovation and investing in #bettereveryday, one of our teams from BDL recently helped to develop a new-to-market screed pumping pipe system, which has helped improve safety on-site and provided the team with much greater flexibility in carrying out flooring work. Screed is a layer of material that is laid over a concrete subfloor to create a smooth and level surface.

Previous iterations of the pumping system were made from rubber, and with sometimes long distances between the pump and the work area, were prone to move around and create potential safety issues.

With the help of Careys Plant & Fleet, and working together with our concrete pipe supplier, the team produced a steel pipe system from a selection of concrete pumping components, including pipe clamps and connectors. This means that, when pumping the screed, the piping can be temporarily installed securely on the side of a building, improving the stability of the system and creating a much safer environment for the operatives. When the piping reaches the work area, rubber components are then used to administer the screed.

Commenting on the innovation, BDL Construction Director Gary Pritchard said:

The team spotted an issue and, with the help of our Plant & Fleet team and supply chain partner, were able to come up with a solution that can help not just our team on-site here, but teams across all our projects who are completing screeding work in hard to reach areas.

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