To be a truly great company we must be one that is inclusive and diverse. Inclusion is about creating a culture and environment where everyone can participate and thrive by feeling that they can be their authentic selves. Diversity is the make-up of our people and their mindsets. Giving everyone the opportunity to have their voice heard will help us to ensure that all perspectives are represented, included and accepted in the workplace.

Bringing your authentic self to work

Through our Inclusion and Diversity Council which has champions from across the Carey Group and is sponsored by the Group CEO, Jason Carey, we ensure the Board and Executive Committee hear the voices of those currently still underrepresented. Building a diverse workforce takes investment and commitment and through the work of the Council and through case studies, we are committed to highlighting successes with a key area of focus to break down the gender barrier and encouraging more women to join the construction sector. By being a Great Place to Work we want a working environment in all our locations, one that’s fair to everybody and makes us attractive for people who want an interesting and diverse career.

Unconscious bias training is used to lift up the wide variety of talented individuals we need in BDL to thrive as a business. We remove gender bias from our hiring communications and use a hiring platform that uses behavioural algorithms to strip bias out of the hiring process, making it fairer and more objective. Our targeted action on our gender pay gap can be seen here and we ensure we add our collective voice to the industry to drive greater inclusion and diversity and an understanding of the varied career options the construction sector can bring people of all ages.

We have a culture where our people feel valued and are inspired to contribute to their fullest potential and our values are central to this commitment.

Our amazing people are central to our success. We are committed to cultivating a diverse and inclusive working environment where everyone’s dignity is respected, there are equal opportunities to progress and people are empowered to fulfil their potential.

David Warren, HR Business Partner

Talking about diversity is hard. We’re on a mission to make it easier. Our uncertainty of the right words to use to talk about diversity and inclusion can be paralysing. We found that many of us worry we’ll handle it wrong, say the wrong thing, do the wrong thing – and as a result, most of us simply don’t talk about race, religion, disability or sexual orientation at work.

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