Explaining the importance of health and safety precautions when working with dust, BDL recently held their second 'Close Shave’ event promoting the significance of being clean shaven whilst wearing a tight-fitting respirator.

With construction dust causing significant health issues such as lung cancer, silicosis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, a staggering average of 500 construction workers lose their battles to silica dust each year. Given the detrimental impact of dust, the event held great importance to attendees, mitigating the risks and raising awareness of how to stay protected.

Attended by BDL operatives and other sub-contractors from our supply chain, the event was delivered through different exhibits, including a respirator face test kit where operatives could sign up for face fit training, posters raising awareness of the dangers of inhaling construction dust and a barber providing complementary cut throat shaves throughout the event.

To close the event an informative presentation was given by a representative from JSP, the manufacturer for BDL’s respiratory equipment, covering the dangers of construction dust and the potential risks to human lungs.

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