It is our employees that make our business and throughout every area of the Carey Group, there are inspirational people achieving exceptional results.

A Great Place to Work:

When we come to work at BDL, we want to make sure that all of us are part of an exceptional workplace culture where we are all aligned with the direction of the company and are appreciated and motivated to give our best.

Creating a great place to work is imperative to our mission because it means we can attract and retain the best people and utilise their passion and expertise to deliver exceptional construction services, day-in, day-out. It is also key to our vision because we want everyone to be proud to work with us.

Our culture

Progression at BDL- A sense of Purpose

At BDL, we want everyone who works for us to come to work each day with a strong sense of purpose. Equally as importantly is that our people feel their personal and professional purpose is in balance.

We support our people to proactively shape their progression at BDL- by creating environments that enable collaboration, providing channels that enable them to have a say in the decisions that drive the direction of our organisation, opportunities to be mentors and to mentor others, and by ensuring they understand and are recognised for the contributions they are making.

We are committed to helping each other every day and acknowledge the importance that every individual plays in the success of the company.

Jason Carey, Carey Group CEO

Our hiring process

We’ve never believed that CVs tell us much about you. This is why we have gone one step further and adopted behavioural science platform Applied - directly addressing unconscious bias in the hiring process

We want to get to know you

We’ve never believed that CVs tell us much about you – and we want to get to know you properly, right from the outset. Decades of research prove beyond doubt that CVs are not a clear indicator of how you perform in your role at work. So we have gone one step ahead and adopted behavioural science platform Applied - directly addressing unconscious bias by anonymising applications. Instead, when you apply for an opportunity within Careys, we invite you to complete up to five role-specific questions, designed specifically to job you’re applying for.

What we do differently

  • We anonymise your application - every detail of it
  • We assess your application based on your answers to role-specific questions
  • We have a diverse panel of ‘Hiring Champions’ that help ensure our application scoring process is as fair as possible
  • We support you with personalised, structured interview preparation
  • We provide verbal feedback after every interview, including tips for improvement – regardless of the outcome

Below is feedback from some recent candidates and their experience of our recruitment process:

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